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About me

DOUG HARN ART: Coastal scenery artwork is a primary focal point of Doug Harn’s artwork. Here is a brief introduction to the artist. Mr. Harn’s themes are often inspired by seaside views, and his works consist of coastal scenery artwork and other related themes. 

Douglas’ early years were spent in Savannah where his dad was a mild truck driver. Douglas lost his father at an early age. It was at that age he witnessed his mother being evicted from their home and all their belongings being placed on the street. The family moved into government housing, and it was there that Douglas made a pact with God.

“God, if you help me move out of this, I’ll promise to help others the rest of my life.” These were Doug’s words spoken in a prayer to God. Douglas’ mother shortly thereafter married a share cropper in Toombs County. After moving to the farm, Douglas learned that things were not much better. He grew up learning to work hard and doing for others would get you somewhere in life. It was at an early age that Douglas committed his life to the ministry of the Lord. Though he was not always faithful in that call, he learned that God was always faithful in His calling. In his teen years Douglas’s step-father passed away and Douglas found himself with a mother and six sisters at home that needed someone to take care of them. Doing what he could, he started at 2:00 AM each morning on the dairy farm and then at 6:00 stocking produce at the local Piggly Wiggly. After school he unloaded car boxes at the local feed mill then went to the theater where he ran the movie projectors until the last showing. Then to start all over again the next day. It was in High School that Douglas met the love of his life, after 45 years of marriage, that love is still strong for Debra. Douglas has pastored churches in North Carolina, Florida and Georgia for over 35 years. He now pastors Victory Assembly of God in Hinesville. Douglas has served as sectional elder and regional presbyter of his denomination. Douglas serves on the Regional Board of Trustees for the Life Oak Library system. He also served as Local Vice-chairman, regional treasurer, and regional chair of the Board of Trustees. He serves as Vice-president of the Liberty County Homeless Coalition and on the Manna House board, he serves on the Life Bridge board, has served on the Coastal Workforce board, Liberty Count High School council and Governance Board. He is a member of the Rotary Club. Douglas is also a professional artist with his work on display not only locally but national as well. Doug Harn Art represents the majestic and immensely elegant coastal scenery of the Atlantic ocean and its diversity of endemic wildlife. He is deeply involved in God’s ministry, and his artwork portrays the organic beauty of Southeastern Coastal Georgia.


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Promote and paint the beauty of coastal Georgia to the glory of God.

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