Where To Start? A Blog On Creating Art

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Starting art is like making preparations for cooking dinner. You know you need to cook, but what do you cook? Where do you start? Do you have what you need?  That is often what we experience when starring at a blank canvas.

You step into the kitchen and pull your pots out of the cabinet, you stand there or look into the food pantry and wonder where do I start. That is often how we feel when looking at the blank canvas. We wonder where do I began? What will I paint?

If you think you’re the only one struggling, think again…. we all go through those moments when we just draw a blank. We feel inspired, we know we want to paint.Blog on Creating Art Doug Harn Art

The biggest stock of art materials is in most people’s cupboards, usually still cellophane wrapped. You’re so excited to create something and know that it is inside you somewhere but making the first stroke seems so hard to do.

Our ability to be creative individuals makes us amazing people but with creativity comes fear and anxiety. Learning to paint is the same as learning to play a musical instrument, or driving a car, and the biggest thing stopping you is the fear of the unknown.

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
it is because we do not dare that they are difficult” –Seneca

What if everyone laughs or they are not impressed with our creation? Having to face a blank canvas can be overwhelming, putting yourself out there will attract criticism and rejection, possibly laughed at rather than admired.

So here is the dilemma…we want to create, but could do without the worry whenever we begin the creative process.

So what we’re going to do is feel the fear and paint it anyway. That’s right, “paint anyway.” I have found that I must paint often and look for inspiration always. I find my inspiration in nature. I look at trees, clouds, marsh and birds. I am always looking for something that catches my eye, then often will stop and take a picture of it. I look through art magazines and find inspiration there as well. If we keep art in the fore front of our thoughts, then when we stand before our easel looking at the blank canvas we then can begin to see a painting unfold before us.

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